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baka-san [userpic]
April 17-18 Starbucks
by baka-san (kyrios_efiastis)
at April 18th, 2009 (06:44 pm)

Hi guys, the team hasnt had much updates for a long time huh?
Sure we have had minor advances in character profiles,plot routes, etc.
But now, I am glad to unveil a major milestone.

A yet-to-be-named project is in the works.
It will feature an original storyline conceptualized by mikkikoron.
As assistant writer, I have full confidence in the potential of this story and the possible epicness it will inspire.
So epic in fact, that we are forced to keep it all under wraps till we finish most of the elements; for fear of intellectual theft.
Yes, really. Amazing isnt it?

As such, mikkikoron has ordered that 24fps be put on hold.
Our reasons for doing this is simple.
We intend to put out a simpler linear story first before delving into the intricacies of a multi-linear game.
Individual writers are still working on 24fps, mind you.
And we shall still continue to churn out ideas for future projects.
It's just that our focus will be directed on the new unnamed story.

So a toast to Team Paradox.
Our goal was to be able to come up with a story where we can explore various genres and which can be explored through various media.
And we have taken the first steps to doing just that.
We have embarked into the unknown, all that's left is to leave our stamp of epicness upon the universe.

sidenote: I'm currently taking requests for character types. If you want one to appear in the story, and you have no idea how to write it, pass me an message. Prereq is simple, characters should be normal people broken by real problems. IM me, we'll talk.

mikko [userpic]
Running Changes + Updates!
by mikko (mikkikoron)
at June 27th, 2008 (04:31 pm)

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Hai Guyz!

It's been a while since we posted updates here but rest assured we're working on teh project! XD

First off, there's been a change to the title of "Cherry Boys" due to uh... hax reasons, but we've thought of a better, more fitting title... *drumroll*

24fps (Frames per Second)

Since the game's story will revolve around an audio-visual club and they'll be making a movie throughout the course of the story, we thought of something a little more relevant. Of course it could also be an allegory to some of the themes we'll be exploring in the game. And don't worry, we'll make sure the in-jokes and references to lulz will stay intact! Stay tune for more updates in the future, including drafts of character designs and more story details. XD

Regarding the other project, the working title will be Astral Eyes (previously Arcane Arms), and will be more of a supernatural mystery story, quite a departure from 24fps' lighthearted theme. I'm still playing around with ideas but I'll see if I could put up details in the future, including character designs.

Thanks for the continuing support, and we'll work hard to make sure 24fps (or at least a demo) will come out by the year. \o/

Mikko out.

Koschei [userpic]
The Girls of Cherry Boys
by Koschei (mooguriklaine)
at March 8th, 2008 (07:13 pm)

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Updates from the drawing board! Last Thursday, fellow team-mates mikkikoron, wigiboy, and I brainstormed on the test-bed project, Cherry Boys: The Springtime of Youth (Yeah, the title stays, and so does the subtitle >:3). We have a solid linear plot, with some filling out to do, one that we leave to kyrios_efiastis' pretty manicured hands.

And along with the fruitful discussion comes this new batch of prospective character designs for the girls of the visual novel. The guys cracked you up pretty good... I can't really say the same for these femmes. XD

IT'S A TRAP!Collapse )

mikkikoron is amused that the women are naked, so let's provide some of them with uniforms, yes? ;p

Uniforms this way...Collapse )

Done this yesterday since I am obviously avoiding thesis revisions, and the final draft is due on Monday, God knows I need a breather before plunging in the void again

Thanks so much for your time!

Koschei [userpic]
Prospective Character Designs
by Koschei (mooguriklaine)
at March 3rd, 2008 (02:15 am)

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The Springtime of Youth

See all the Cherry Boys hereCollapse )


Basically, mikkikoron thought it would be best to start on some simple, linear story as a test bed for the program/engine (and to test some other aspects of the visual novel) to get a certain initial grasp of it, while working simultaneously on the bigger, much thought-of Arcane Arms. Add free idle time as the devil's playpen during TAGCOM + some unwary men + kyrios_efiastis' sparkling rainbow of ideas, and we have this very heartwarming story...

"...the rose-colored life of 5 beautiful boys growing into adulthood..."

Cherry Boys
The Springtime of Youth

Available where urinals are found

*Blurb specially penned by kyrios_efiastis.

Mushroom [userpic]
by Mushroom (mushroom18)
at January 27th, 2008 (09:10 pm)

current mood: chipper


Magpost na kayo bilis! All ideas, suggestions, violent reactions, links for reference.


Also, for members and volunteers:

1) Please give a bulleted list of physical traits and personalities of the characters you are developing. As much as possible, be detailed. It could be extremely random.
2) Please post transcripts of our epic conferences and convos.
3) Comment if you have suggestions or want improvements.
4) Delicious cake plox.

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